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One Piece Enhancement


A Boy gets the Enhancement system in the One Piece World. He can enhance everything he wants…… Let’s think about it: If someone enhances his own Body. If someone enhances Devil Fruit.—- Can eat unlimited fruits without fearing about the sea. If Someone enhances his Haki.

Supreme Naruto


Marvel: The King


Demon God Devil Fruit


Lion D. Sin, who has a very complicated past, and grate hatred with World Government. He ate the Human Human Fruit, Model: Ravana, devil fruit. This is the time, his life started to change. Let’s see how he gonna take his revenge on world Government or not.

I am Vegeta


Source System Naruto


Source System Naruto Master of Ninjutsu? Master of physical skills? Master of illusion? Master chef? “No! I am just Naruto, not a master!” Naruto, wearing a kitchen dress, looked at the girl in the living room with a melancholy face.


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